day 1 – blogging from bed (and other irrelevant facts)

i think i’m at that point in life when midnight becomes your best friend: primarily because you don’t have any other and also because of that maniacal rush of inspiration you get every time the clock (the hands, berry you idiot!) hits 12. i think its safe to assume night owls know what i mean. there is just something about staring at your ceiling in the dark that brings out the genius in you! the downside is, however, these ideas are all left for tomorrow and promptly forgotten about (this may also be the reason we don’t have a cure for cancer yet) and, so, in the spirit of creativity, i have decided to break the barriers sleep conjures and blog at midnight!

this is not going too well.

i think i may have discovered the reason our brain dismisses these ideas. midnight rushes are similar to drug highs: they are short lived! to demonstrate i shall reiterate the events following up to this very sentence.
¬berry climbs into bed and completes all the steps needed for a good night’s sleep.
¬berry’s brain decides to mock her again while she stares at her nondescript ceiling.
¬berry gets a hit of night meth aka ShortLivedInspirationOnlyAcquiredAtMidnight.
¬berry succumbs to its influence and starts her nightly ritual of keyboard clacking (not be confused with clicking) only this time with a purpose.
¬berry’s rush fades.
¬berry is left with an incomplete dream and no trace of ideas.
¬berry resorts to delineating the events of the past fifteen minutes.
¬berry types this knowing full well that she is a fanatical idiot.
¬berry sighs

(there is a moth flying around in my room and i am fairly terrified)

so the very critical and singular flaw of the SLIOAAM is its disability to persevere in a started task. despite its obvious and only downfall, SLIOAAM could have proven to be useful except when i realized it reminded me of myself: ambitious and inspired one moment, dead potato the very next. (the moth is very distracting, i can’t stop staring at while shrieking each time it gets near me)

hmm, maybe this did go well.

after many doses SLIOAAM, i came to the, hopefully, firm conclusion of pursuing these twilight ventures. the first didn’t seem to go that bad. (i really want to open the door and let it out but i’m really pant-shittingly scared)

i would want to end my debut SLIOAAM-induced post with a very profound and thoughtful quote or so but reality had just knocked on my door while laughing its head off (at the post or moth-i shall never know).






  1. well described and truly relatable, with an optimum sense of humour and….that phenomenal/stupendous/posh/matchless usage of english tho!! would compel anybody to have a read!! (sozz, ik i sound like a teacher. precisely, an unpaid one)

    Liked by 1 person

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